Humidome attached to a shuttlecock tube


Maximise badminton shuttlecock durability.

Durable shuttlecocks, effortlessly.

As every badminton player knows, feather shuttlecocks break - a lot. And the cost of replacing them can really add up over the years. 

Luckily, there's Humidome. It's a simple new product that makes your shuttles last a lot longer. Just plug the lightweight device into the top end of your shuttlecock tube and let Humidome do it's magic. It's as easy as that.

With Humidome you will always have perfectly conditioned, long-lasting shuttles in your badminton bag. With zero effort.

Humidome product image

Made to last, easy to recharge

Humidome™ is designed to last for years. Each device is made with quality materials specifically chosen to have a high level of impact resistance and durability. So Humidome can work effectively in your sports bag all year round.

And Humidome's clever technology is easy to use too - All you have to do is submerge the device in water once every couple of months to top it up.

Picture of Humidome from above

Fits all shuttlecock tubes

Humidome™ has been designed to fit to shuttlecock tubes from all known manufacturers.

When that last shuttle is finally used, just detach the product and plug it into a new tube.

Humidome attached to a shuttlecock tube with three feather shuttlecocks

Now available!

The product is now available for order in selected countries.

It's a product that pays for itself in the first few months!