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Humidome gift card

Humidome gift card

Humidome gift card


Give a gift that truly keeps on giving!

Humidome is the perfect gift for badminton players of every skill level.

Gift cards are instantly delivered via email, no need to wait for physical delivery!

Available in three denominations based on the number of products they will buy - one, two or three products - with shipping included.

While a single Humidome will delight the badminton playing spouse, friend or a co-worker, some players like to carry two or even three tubes of shuttlecocks in their bags, so keeping them all hydrated is the best option.

Gift card denomations:

  • 35,80 EUR - buys one product with shipping (1 x 29,90 + 5,90 for shipping)
  • 65,70 EUR - buys two products with shipping (2 x 29,90 + 5,90 for shipping)
  • 89,70 EUR (95,60 EUR) - buys three products with shipping (3 x 29,90)

Prior to ordering the gift card, please kindly check the countries where we ship the products to to make sure the recipient of the gift resides in a country where we ship the physical products.

Also please note the difference between denomination (the number of products the gift cards can buy), and the number of gift cards. It is possible to buy multiple cards at once, each with the same or different denomination.